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Manage Your Membership Efficiently with Us
Experience how our membership management system will transform your chamber significantly. 

Manage Member & Potential Members (CRM)

Automated Invoicing &

Track Non-Members

Custom Reports

Online Registration

Online Event Sponsorship

Automatic Placement of Logos on Event Page

Color Coded Events by Category



Elevating Event Sponsorships!
Event sponsorships serve as a crucial revenue source for any chamber. With JagChamber, not only is the process simplified, it’s also been developed to be time-efficient.

Our Service

Member Dashboard

Managing member profiles and signing in has never been more straightforward. Members have the capability to efficiently update their contact details, incorporate their logo, and add events, blogs, and press releases. 

Ability to submit events, blogs, jobs, press releases, deals & shop products

Update Member Directory Listing; make payments; print invoices

Sign up for events, sponsorships, newsletters

Member Forums

Text Messaging

(additional cost)

Surveys & Email Communication

Total Resource Campaign

Link to QuickBooks Online or Desktop

Other Features

Our partners frequently offer suggestions, allowing us to continually integrate new features! The greatest benefit is that most of these added features are available to you at no extra cost.

Technical support

Our technical support ensures you always have access to an ambassador. We say no to call centers! We provide unlimited individual support.

Always Reach an Ambassador

No Call Centers!

One-on-One Support